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Anxiety before and during parts of flight - looking for course recommendations

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  • Anxiety before and during parts of flight - looking for course recommendations


    I've had a fear of flying for many years. There's a lot to say about it, but I'll summarize but saying that I do have generalized anxiety disorder, and I take citalopram regularly. I was able to fly internationally after having counseling and taking Xanax. I have decreased the dosage of Xanax I need now (started at 2 mg, now 0.5 mg is typically fine). I also get motion sickness easily which makes me more nervous about turbulence. I do also take Dramamine while flying.

    I think my flight experience can be broken down as such:

    1) pre-flight - light anxiety most of the time - I think about it way too much
    2) after boarding I take Xanax and feel very calm. I don't have issues with takeoff.
    3) cruise - fine unless there is a turbulence announcement. What I think I really fear is that "dropping" feeling like my stomach is sinking. Fear of getting nauseous around others.
    4) descent - I get nervous before we go through the clouds. Going through clouds is very disorienting for me. I can't look out the window as it will cause motion sickness.
    5) after getting through clouds, I feel fine as I can see the ground. Turbulence doesn't really bother me here.

    I am wondering what your recommendations would be - books? video courses?



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    Start with the book. Then, if you need something more, do the Complete Relief or the Rapid Relief course which includes a counseling session. As to the generalized anxiety, take a look at my new book, Panic Free which is on Amazon.


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      I will read the books first, thank you. Would any of the videos in the SOAR smartphone app be helpful in particular? I just downloaded it.


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        If you do an in-app purchase of all the video packages in the app, you have the Complete Relief videos. There is, of course, no counseling included when you get the videos as an in-app purchase, and that accounts for the difference in the price versus buying Complete Relief from the web site at


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          Hi Capt Tom,

          Is the Psychology of Flight and Control of Anxiety included in the Complete Relief Course?


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            It is included in a condensed version.


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              Thank you Capt. Tom.

              Scott, you have described every from 1-5 pretty much what i experience and feel. I have not flown in 15 years but i remember each detail like it was yesterday. I made need Xanax as well. But i am hoping to use the Complete Relief program and attempt to fly short flights while easing into longer flights.