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Question about flying over water

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  • Question about flying over water

    I've read that planes can fly if one engine goes out, but they need to make an emergency landing at the closest airport. But, what if your flight if one the water ??

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    When fear of flying courses began, participants called themselves "white knuckle fliers" because they held onto the armrest out of fear that if the engines quit, the plane would plummet. We told them they could relax because the plane would not fall, but glide. We thought that would be the end of it. But answering the first "what if" only opened the door to a second "what if" . . . what if the plane is over water.

    This is pushing the envelope of how far to take worry. Engine failure is so rare that the idea of two engines failing on the same flight should be "unthinkable," but the thinking of an anxious flier is not limited to what is ordinarily regarded as thinkable. When anxiety is all-encompassing, it is not sufficient to worry only about what is probable. To not worry about something, it must be impossible.

    The reason we have a mind is to assess probability, and to adjust how we live to deal with probable threats . . . not extremely improbable ones.


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      I'm not worried about BOTH engines failing, worried about one failing over the ocean and no nearby airport to make emergency landing.


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        The plane flies fine on one engine so it can definitely reach an airport.


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          Ok, thank you. Flying from JFK to Shannon (Ireland) on Friday 😳