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What causes fear of flight?My wife fears flight!

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  • What causes fear of flight?My wife fears flight!

    My wife fears flight.Till now,l still remember her pale face when we first took an airplane.But she never tells me why!I really worried about her. And l 've do some search on why people fear flight! There are all kinds of explanation and l don't konw which to believe? For example,this one: To be honest, Some of the contents are kind of right,but most are uselesst! Can some one recommend some methods that may help my wife!

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    The link you posted provides one of the best explanations I've seen on the web. Most are pretty bad, but this one is generally correct, except for the idea that struggling against fear makes it worse; that's pretty silly. But it is probably mentioned because one of the things CBT uses is to try to tell the person that since panic won't kill you, don't worry about it.

    The causes is really lack of ability to automatically regulate arousal. About 40% of us do not get what we need early in life to develop good regulation. What we do is show you how to get what you missed out on and build in automatic regulation that lets you just get on plane and fly like everyone else. See