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Last minute flight this Saturday

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  • Last minute flight this Saturday

    A little over a year ago, my anxiety about flying got so bad I almost didn't get on the plane home. It was such a progressive thing, I remember flying just fine for years and suddenly, I saw the plane as this massive metal death trap.

    I read SOAR and I decided to surprise my boyfriend by offering to meet him this Saturday in North Carolina. The flight is approximately an hour and half. My palms were soaked by the time I was done ordering the tickets.

    I just keep telling myself that tons of people fly every day, that turbulence is normal (and to be expected), and that I am going to be fine. I guess now is the time to start practicing the 5 steps.. What has helped me a lot is understanding all of the steps of a flight (including that "elevator feeling" the book talks about. That always terrified me and made me think the plane's engines stopped.

    Any recent successful flyers who can offer any tips?!


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    Based on your comments it sounds like you read Capt. Tom's book. If so, then my recommendation to you is Strengthening Exercise, Strengthening Exercise, Strengthening Exercise! Work on that today and tomorrow to help you on the plane Saturday. You won't feel the relief right now as it's meant to work once you're on the plane. That would be my tip as I lived out my own advice to you two weeks ago flying from Texas to Boston and back again.