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  • Check here, Kat!

    Tracking your flight on Lufthansa #9281 DC to MUC on 11/1/18 at 6:40 pm. Then, next morning at 9:00 am, Lufthansa #2228 MUC to Paris (CDG). Bon Voyage!!!!! Sounds so fun!!!

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    Flight Aware is so cool now! First thing I got was that the pilots had filed a flight plan. That's what I call Notification.

    KAT: Your flight -- on an excellent Boeing 777 -- departed at 6:41pm, right on time. You've been in the air about 2 hours now (it's 8:50pm in Washington DC). Right now, you are still over land at 632 mph at an altitude of 34,000 ft. You are expected to land on 10 minutes early, at 7:20am, at Terminal 2.


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      Capt Tom, just curious about this flight, Lufthansa 9281 -- Flight Aware says this flight is "Operating as United 106." Does that mean it's really a United Airline plane? Confusing.


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        10:46pm EST: you are now 4 hours into the flight and are directly over the Atlantic Ocean, 33,000 feet and traveling at 633mph. Flight Aware shows some sort of weather cell that you appear to traveling right through, so I will be interested to hear if you had turbulence at this point. 3 1/2 hours to Germany!!!


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          01:30am EST: 45 minutes from Munich!!! Looks like you are beginning descent because speed is dropping to 570mph (LOL!) How exciting!!! See? All is well.