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Germany Rescinds Its Two-Pilot Rule

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  • Germany Rescinds Its Two-Pilot Rule

    A few months ago, Lufthansa rescinded its own rule about requiring two crew members in the cockpit at all times. The rule was imposed after that horrendous event from 2015 when a murderous pilot nosedived his Germanwings plane into mountains in France, killing everyone on board. Not only was this a horrific tragedy, but it's one that we pray doesn't happen again. There have to be adequate failsafes in the event of a cockpit commandeered by a suicidal maniac. You can't rule out everything 100% but you'd think sensible rules like the two-person cockpit rule would become enshrined because of what happened. And the fact that it's Lufthansa, which owns Germanwings, that's rescinding its own rule makes this doubly baffling, even infuriating. I was unaware that Lufthansa had done this until recently and AFTER I'd already purchased tickets to travel with the airline from LAX to New Delhi in November with my family. It's bad enough having to fly for me, but it's like Lufthansa just mocked us all by making flying that much less safe.