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    Capt Tom I purchased the SOAR class in June and it has helped me immensely truly now I fly with ease and very little nervousness. But, I now find my self needing to fly on a Propellor plane in January and I am freaking out...not sure what to think or how to prepare. HELP!

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    The way the amygdala works, any time it senses you are facing something you are not used to, it zaps you with stress hormones. This is to get your attention so you can check out the situation and see if there is or is not a threat. In this case, because you don't know about planes with a propeller, you aren't sure if this is safe or not. Actually, it is. The prop is turned by a jet engine, and jet engines are super-reliable.

    If you can join us on Wednesday night for the group phone counseling session, we can talk about it at length. See

    Or, set up a counseling session with me and we can cover everything. My schedule is at


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      Thanks Capt Tom....ill log on Wed night and I haven't used my session yet Ill check out the schedule and give you a call YOU ARE THE BEST!