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  • Delta Boeing 767-300

    I have struggled with severe flight anxiety and have had a therapy session and read books before - it seemed to help when flying with ‘safe’ airlines like KLM etc.
    Soon I will be flying overseas with a Boeing 767-300 with Delta, unfortunately I found out that this type is past its retirement age and that Delta has many incidents, also with this type (like engine shut down during flight, lack of oxygen, smoke etc.) in the past few weeks, months, years (as stated on AeronInside).
    Sorry but I started to panic and am about to cancel my flight which would be very sad for my family and little child who was looking forward..
    I would appreciate a response, the flight leaves this weekend.. thanks

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    I have no idea where you found "information" that the 767-300 is past its retirement age. What ass hole came up with that? An airliner can be operated safely regardless of when it was first manufactured provided it is maintained. My house was built in 1790. It has been maintained. So it is just as sound as it was when first built. The same is true with airliners. There is nothing in the least outdated about the plane. It has "glass cockpit." It has autoland. It has the latest navigation equipment.

    As to "many incidents," so . . . ? Tens of thousands of planes fly every day. How could there not be "incidents?" When incidents occur, they are dealt with appropriately.

    I believe your panic is due to reading one thing after another after another and believing - incorrectly - that each thing you read about was a near-death experience, Flying is not a near-death experience . . . at least not for people who experience flying just as it is, rather than letter their imagination take over,

    If you can't stop your imagination taking over, see