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Trans-Atlantic Boeing 787 still safe after news reports?

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  • Trans-Atlantic Boeing 787 still safe after news reports?

    We're flying home tomorrow from Europe on a Boeing 787-900 Pax. Given the news reports of whistle blowers at Boeing raising safety concerns about the aircraft, not to mention its initial problems when it was first introduced, I'm getting nervous... Any info on why I shouldn't be would be very much appreciated!

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    The "whistle blowers" are not what they appear. Boeing has stalled negotiation a new contract with the unionized workers at the plant in Washington state so they are making trouble for Boeing at its non-union plant in South Carolina. See Plus, some workers in S.C.. are unhappy and making assertions about safety.

    It's a nasty business, but since Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, business has had the upper hand. If a union goes on strike, the government allows the company to replace the workers just as Reagan replaced the striking air traffic controllers.

    This has left no way for the unions to induce management to negotiate other than to produce publicity that hurts the company.

    Meanwhile, there is no reason for any concern about the 787.