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  • Wind!

    Help...I am getting so close to making this flight from PA to Myrtle Beach on Thursday, feeling very positive. Then I see Myrtle may be getting the beginning of this storm that may come up on Monday when we are heading out and "tropical storm conditions and 30 MPH winds" Now I am nervous about coming home. I realize that they wont let the planes fly in bad conditions but.....its making me really nervous. Have any of you taken off in wind like this?

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    I have flown on airliners that took off in much stronger winds and found it to be significantly less frightening than I had anticipated. Yes, there was some bumpiness (of the side-to-side variety) in the first few minutes after take off, but once we were above the surface winds, it usually became comparatively smooth. I found the sheer power of the engines at take off reassuring since I knew that whatever turbulence I experienced would probably be short lived as we rapidly climbed away from the airport. I hope your experience was just as uneventful.


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      wow i share the same fear with you every time i need to flight!! the last few time i succeeded to calm myself down by understand that no plance can get permission to takeoff if the forecasted weather won't allowed it. i told myself that the people who work in all this airport system knows their jobs and they are proffessional!!
      akhil from India


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        Wind is not a big deal. Like has been stated, too strong and they won’t allow flights. If the plane is allowed to fly, it’s safs. Surface winds can cause some bumps on takeoff—as stated above, often the side to side stuff—but that goes away fast.

        Left DEN a couple weeks ago at sunset into beautiful skies...departing to the west toward the Rockies, then turned south, then southeast toward DFW...and it was fun (aka bumpy). Plane was all over the place (mildly) for about 3 minutes as we climbed above the turb. My brother in law was freaked out. I was almost happy. I looked around and people were sleeping.

        Bottom line: it’s a non-issue in terms of safety. It doesn’t feel right, but its safe. I’ve never seen anyone freak out in a car when there are bumps in the road worse than anything I’ve experienced in the air.