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  • Bad Omens everywhere

    Hello, my name is Vera and I've got a severe phobia of flying for over 20 years now. I've flown twice with the phobia, but I just couldn't shake it off, so I didn't flew again for nearly 15years now. My marriage split up not because of the phobia, but it was partly at fault. 8 years ago I've met my boyfriend and he is very understanding. It was time to get over my phobia and I felt full of courage.
    Well my phobia has kicked in and I am close to panic. The flight is booked and I am starting to see bad omens everywhere. I turn on the TV watching family guy and 9/11 gets mentioned. I turn over and again 9/11 and a third time. I've read some online tarot cards (I know what a silly idea) and the reading was terrible. I've looked on my plane tracking app and the plane I'm going to be on just flew over Lockerbie. Yesterday a magpie landed in the garden which suppose to be a bad luck omen and so on. The list is endless. I am close to panic feeling physical sick. I know that I am my own worst enemy but I am so scared. My flight is not for another 3 weeks. ....
    A day has gone by and I've just seen on the news that there was an mid air collision between a light aircraft and a helicopter. I am crushed. I feel bad for the victims and their families. I am close to panic ! :'(

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    First, get started on the SOAR course. I promise you it will help. The sooner the better.

    Second, “omens” abound for fearful fliers. If the old forums were still searchable I could dredge up countless previous posts of omens. Your mind will twist anything into a omen of doom. Been there! Yet for all the omens I saw before my flights for years, I’m still here, and now flying 100K miles every year.

    I’m not a superstitious person AT ALL—horoscopes are hilarious, seers don’t see anything but dollar signs from rubes, psychics are fake, ghosts aren’t real, and don’t even get me started on religion—but I was fooled by omens when it came to flying. They are as meaningless as the others.

    Back to #1. SOAR will help you.


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      I think your post makes sense, but I disagree that the fear is not irrational at the end.

      I flew whenever needed/wanted for a LONG time just dealing with the fear. I went through the motions too, and I used other passengers--but focused on flight attendants--to regulate how far-fetched my fear was reasonable. People sleeping and going about their business meant I was alone in my fear and it wasn't necessary. If things got tense--for me mostly, but for others as well--I'd see the flight attendants doing their thing without any obvious concern and that also meant my fear wasn't necessary. Even in those times where the FA's were asked to sit down, they would be chatting, laughing, enjoying themselves, or just looking incredibly bored. Not to mention the most visceral experience of safe flying: I always landed without incident and am still here to post about it. 800k butt-in-seat miles later, and counting.

      While humans were not meant to fly (evolution......we have no wings), you could also posit that humans WERE meant to fly through evolution because we developed the ability to overcome those limitations and invented way to make it happen........AND, most importantly, make it so incredibly safe.

      It may not seem natural that we are in a metal (or composite) tube 6 miles above the earth, but is it natural that most of us spend most of our time awake at work sedentary in front of a computer? Or that we spend inordinate sums of time on tiny electronic devices? Or that we barrel down the highway in metal boxes mere feet away from others doing the same while, far too often, still on those devices?

      I have not done the research to back this up, but, just based on the news reports of mass shootings in 2017 alone, I am safer on a plane than just about anywhere else these days.

      Get started on SOAR. Get over the fear.


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        I am so sorry that it took so long to reply. Finally with Christmas and new year all gone by Iam finding the time to write.
        I am so greatful for all the help and support I've received. SOAR has really helped me! Thank you all so much!
        Well I flew! I couldn't believe it! 15 years of being terrified. I thought that I was a lost cause unable to ever fly. Damaged for good.
        Thanks to your comments and help and of course Captain Tom Bunn, I am on the road of becoming a confident flyer. I am already planning a trip to Germany.
        I flew to Edinburgh and was so scared at first, but with the help of SOAR I calmed down as soon as the plane was in the air. And I wasn't scared as the plane was landing. I had a fantastic time in Edinburgh and my 'boyfriend ' proposed to me! I've said Yes and in June 2019 Iam getting married.
        I was worried when I was about to fly back. Storm caroline was rolling in and that scared me. But again. No problem. I flew back and this time even wanted to sit on the window seat. I am thrilled.
        Iam so greatful and now I am even looking forward to the next trip.
        Vera :-)


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          Congrats on the amazing trip to a beautiful place, and especially on your engagement!! Very cool. Keep flying!


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            Thank you so much oneant !