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Losing my sanity!!!!!!

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  • Losing my sanity!!!!!!

    Please don't be mad at me for posting this Tom, but I can't take this turbulence anymore. I'm losing mind!!!! I still have 3 hours left and worse turbo than has been tossing around for the last 3 hours. Please .... can you HELP????? Can you give me my mind a weapon, a strategy, a plan which to battle back against this fear. I feel like I've taken a million steps backward. And here comes the tub again!!!! ACKKKKKKKK.

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    Thank God I always meet the pilots be for the flight. First the captain and then the first officer just walked back to my seat and talked to me. They apologized for all the turb, but like I told them, it's not their fault, I'm just so frustrated with myself. I could not believe this setback! Then they thanked me for flying in spite of fear and saying there proud of me. . I instantly felt better. Thank you DELTA PILOTS!!!


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      1. Do the jumping from the first step of a staircase to the floor with another person with arms around each others waist so the amygdala gets temporarily desensitized to the feeling of dropping.
      2. Use the g-force meter in the app to show yourself the readings are the same as you get in an elevator.
      3. Link an oxytocin-producing memory to the feelings/thoughts you have in turbulence.
      4. Link a vagus nerve stimlating memory to the feelings/thoughts you have in turbulence, but in both cases, put the images, thoughts, and feelings into the mind of a cartoon character.
      5. Associate an oxytocin-producing face with the tray table but picturing the face on the table for 30 to 60 seconds when the plane it taxiing out.
      6. Associate a vagus nerve stimulatjng face also.