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Boeing and FAA issue safety alert for 737 Max 8

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  • Boeing and FAA issue safety alert for 737 Max 8

    Capt Tom, I read your newsletter yesterday with great interest and note your opinion that this crash was mainly due to maintenance issues and pilot incompetence. But this morning, this ....


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    Marta, what you read was exactly what I was writing about. . . except that the media makes it look like this is a Boeing problem, makes it look like it is something new, makes it look like pilots don't know about it. Total B.S. I was trained hands-on to deal with this in 1965.

    I think Boeing is concerned that these substandard airlines need to make sure their pilots know what they should have known all along.

    This reminds me of the Asiana crash at SFO on a beautiful sunny day. The pilots did not know how to land by hand. So the airline tried to blame Boeing. Doh't buy it.


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      I ama SOAR member but did not see or get Captain Tom’s newsletter but would like to receive. Is there a way to do so Please?

      thank you,


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        You can sign up for the newsletter at

        I also put it on the SOAR Facebook page at


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          I’ve subscribed per your instructions. I’m hoping I will receive.


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            Capt Tom-
            While I know airline pilots to be highly-trained, dedicated, and safety-conscious as a group, do you think there is any correlation between the continued modernization of aircraft and the possibility of the dumbing-down of new pilots given the automation said modernization has introduced?

            Today we are ALL safer on just about ANY airline that we are driving to work, but do you think there could be a focus more on training to know the automation more than a focus on training to know how to handle things when the automation fails?

            If both the Lion and Asiana events were pilots relying too much on automation instead of sheer skill, my reasoning above could, in some small way, be accurate.


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              Automatic can reduce workload, but when things go wrong, automation can make it difficult to figure out what it is that is going wrong. That is apparently what caused the 2013 Asiana crash at SFO. It was a beautiful sunny day, but the pilots crashed the plane because they were unskilled at landing the plane by hand, which they needed to do because the ILS was shut down.

              But this crash is not an automation issue as the way this system works on a Boeing is the same now as on the 707 and all other Boeings since.


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                Capt Tom, thank you for responding.