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Why is an airline pilot's job considered so dangerous ?

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  • Why is an airline pilot's job considered so dangerous ?

    Wow, I was looking up the most dangerous professions in America according to work place fatalities and was shocked to find that airline pilots and flight engineers have the THIRD most dangerous profession (only after loggers and fishermen.) Their job is apparently more dangerous than policemen, firemen, coal miners, or other typically hazardous professions.

    This concerns me as a nervous flyer, because after all if a pilot dies on the job, the passengers on his plane mostly likely die as well. Captain Tom, can you explain WHY this is considered the third most dangerous job in America, and how that correlates with the safety of the flying public?

    In some industries, no matter how strict the safety standards put in place, there are always accidents and fatal errors.

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    I have heard those stats for years. Makes no sense. The USA Today site says there were 79 fatal injuries. Where? There were zero crashes of U.S. airlines.

    Note you assumed airline pilots but the article says "aircraft pilots." Maybe these fatalities are crop dusters.


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      Maybe so, but that statistic includes flight engineers which you probably don't find on bush planes or crop dusters!