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anxiety caused by real health problems

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  • anxiety caused by real health problems

    I am currently reading the book and am wondering how to apply the program to anxiety caused by health problems. I used to fly with ease, but after having children, a mild mitral valve prolapse turned into life-altering issues with circulation and fatigue. Flying exacerbates these problems and I always get ill during or after a flight. (For example, I had done some flying related therapy and hypnosis and was completely calm upon taking off on a flight two years ago, but when we took off I could feel all the blood leave my head and pool in my legs and I spent the entire flight fighting passing out with my head in my husband's lap and adrenaline surging throughout my body.) After falling ill several times and having a personal trauma associated with flying, I developed flying anxiety.

    I recently bought a portable oxygen concentrator and took my first flights using them. Thanks to an amygdala retraining program I am doing for fatigue and the knowledge that my circulation would be improved by the POC, my anticipatory anxiety and panic were reduced. However, this was a two hour and a one hour flight. In two months I will be taking an 8 hour flight to Europe, and the fear of no escape if I don't feel well is stronger. We have booked business class tickets so that I can lie flat, which should also help, but there is no way around the fact that flying is a strain on my body, and now I am trying to trouble-shoot how dry the POC makes my sinuses.

    I don't relate to the parts of the book about needing to know how an airplane works or whether it is safe. Knock on wood, I have no anxiety regarding the safety of flying. How should I reframe the program to apply to knowing that flying makes me sick?

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    In many people, hyper-arousal has a bounce-back effect. Hyper-arousal causes hypo-arousal (fainting or collapse). The trick is to avoid hyper-arousal or to override its effects. Best resource for how to do that is my new book, Panic Free.


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      Thank you, I will download it now.