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FAA report of 737 NG planes with "faulty parts"--flying one of these 737-800 soon

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  • FAA report of 737 NG planes with "faulty parts"--flying one of these 737-800 soon

    Copying and pasting from an article I just saw: "The Federal Aviation Administration said on Sunday that a joint investigation conducted with Boeing found over 300 planes worldwide may include parts that may have been improperly manufactured by a Boeing supplier. As many as 148 parts may be affected. Two models — the 737 Max and 737 NG — may have faulty “leading edge slat tracks,” a wing part important during takeoff and landing. The FAA warned in a statement that these parts “may be susceptible to premature failure or cracks.” While a failed leading edge slat track would not cause a complete loss of the aircraft, it could still cause damage to an aircraft in flight, according to the agency. " The article goes on to say that within 10 days the affected 737 NG planes will be removed from service. If your flight is a 737-600/-700/-800/-900, this means you are flying on a Boeing 737NG. So what about those of us who are flying 737 NG's before the 10 day period. I have done SOAR and it has helped me tremendously but seeing this report and knowing I am on a 737-800 is triggering my flight anxiety. Here is the article:

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    OK I just called Southwest. They told me that it involves only a "handful" of their planes and they have already removed them from service. Glad to hear that they have moved quickly and it won't be a problem at least on my airline. Those flying other airlines might want to call but suspect they are all on top of things.


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      All the flaps do is make the wing temporarily bigger for landing so the plane can land at a slower speed. If the flaps fail during flight, landing has to be done at a higher speed. No big deal/