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The struggle to overcome magical thinking

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  • The struggle to overcome magical thinking

    I've been a fearful flyer for about half my life (I'm 47) although I have continued to fly, I have made strides, I don't miss trips, my children have no idea about my fear, actually no one does and if they did, they would be very surprised because I'm a world traveler and have lived in several countries and travelled to many others and absolutely love it (just not the flying part!). One of my biggest issues is magical thinking, not just with flying but in many areas of my life. I am panicking now because I chose an airline with an excellent safety record but then I thought, what if I jinxed it? What if now something will happen because I chose that airline? I recognize this is all illogical and unreasonable and I think it has something to do with control but it is my last struggle to overcome since once I start that, I quickly spiral and panic and it's all I can think about (and I have about 5 weeks before my return flight ). Also, with the airline I chose for my current trip, I didn't realize they had had a (non-fatal) incident a few years ago and now I'm worried that indicates something about them.

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    Imagination of awful events triggers the release of stress hormones which then take over and make it feel like what you think/imagine is sure to happen. We can fix that. All of our courses address how to stop that.