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Trip report: PGD to ASV

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  • Trip report: PGD to ASV

    I had my first flight in a long time this morning. I bought a flight on the Soar In-Flight app. I like that it gives you a turbulence report 24 hrs before the flight and sends helpful reminders and tips.

    The night before the flight and getting to the airport was probably the most stressful part about all of this. I kept working on my strengthening exercises as I drove to the airport.
    I didn’t bring a checked bag, just a backpack since this is just a 2 day trip so I went straight to security. TSA agents were so friendly and helpful.

    I sat at my gate. I watched my pilots board the plane. They were laughing and joking with the gate attendant, it was really helpful to see them board. I didn’t feel like I had to meet them, so I skipped that step. I bought priority boarding, so I was the first one on the plane. I got in my seat. I noticed there was more leg room than I thought there would be. I noticed I was feeling relaxed. I was excited to go. I followed the instructions for my Soar In-Flight app and kept doing my strengthening exercises.

    It was taking longer than normal for us to start taxiing to the runway. I heard the pilot get over the intercom and say they’re seeing an issue with something in the engine and that we’re waiting to be cleared for take off. Usually this would have me scrambling to get off the plane. I sat and said to myself, the pilots noticed an issue. They wouldn’t fly if it wasn’t safe. I am safe.

    We finally get to the runway and begin taking off. I got a window seat and I looked out the window.

    Our take-off was perfect. Everything was smooth. I watched us gliding up in the air. I thought about us being in jello-like air. The in-flight app reminded me about noises and sensations I would hear and feel as we leveled off. I heard the engine quiet down and I felt us slow down. Normally this would send my heart into overdrive, and it did a little bit.. but then I reminded myself “this is noise abatement and we are leveling off”.

    As we continued to climb, there was a couple of moments where we hit some turbulence. I continued to tell myself that no turbulence would ever make a plane crash and that is just an unpleasant feeling. That didn’t stop my hands from sweating and I was getting nervous.

    I pulled out my iPhone and listened to a Netflix movie while we cruised. I mostly wanted to close my eyes and relax since I had been up since 2am. The little bumps I felt on the plane did have me a little nervous and I noticed myself fixating on if it was going to get worse. I immediately pulled myself into the strengthening exercises. It didn’t really help with the sweaty palms, but I was okay.

    Overall, I would say this flight was much more successful than any flight I have been on recently. I hope that I get better with turbulence as I experience it. My heart still raced and I got that jolt of adrenaline with each jerky movement of the aircraft. However, overall I was calm and I knew that the plane was not going to plummet to its doom at any moment.

    I’m flying home on Tuesday!

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    The main reason for the SOAR In-Flight app is what its name implies: it is for use in flight. I could have told you when you were entering airspace where turbulence was possible, how long you would be in an area of possible turbulence, and when you would be past it. That information could have been helpful.

    Also, did you do a counseling session to make sure you have the strengthening exercise set allright. That, also, is important in dealing with the feelings.


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      Thanks Tom. The in-flight was useful during the flight but I didn’t see it mention anything about the turbulence in the chat boxes. I did see a map of our expected turbulence. I was going to schedule a therapy session yesterday but I saw you were booked up. I will try on Monday or Tuesday before I fly.


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        Hey angflying, thanks for the report and it sounds like you did okay. I would recommend you getting a quick session with Capt. Tom today and tomorrow before you fly. I did that a few days before I flew and the adjustments we made during that session REALLY made a difference. Let us know how your ride home went.