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Plane Gets Louder Prior to Turbulence

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  • Plane Gets Louder Prior to Turbulence

    Hello all
    i have noticed that often, a plane will start to get louder just prior to turbulence. It is not the furniture creaking, rather it sounds like a loud rumble, almost like a windstorm kind of sound.
    Is this sound my imagination? If not, what is it? Is it actually wind?

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    Possibilities are 1. the engines are running faster because the plane is climbing to a higher altitude to try to find smooth air; 2. about an hour before you go over Ireland, you run into an area where the jet stream bends and often causes turbulence. I've noticed that sound in that area; 3. the rumble happens in large airlines that have a massive wing.


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      Thanks for the explanation. 2. Doesn't apply in this case. Possibly 1. And 3. though since i was on a 787.