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    What a great idea to have this type of forum! I love the replies so far.

    I am a very nervous flyer and have an international flight coming up in September. I haven't flown over the ocean in over a decade. Is it usually more turbulent over the ocean?

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    This post caught my eye because as a fellow fearful flyer, I probably googled the question you ask here multiple times before leaving for several transatlantic flights this year... I'm happy to report that the flights were certainly not more turbulent than flights mostly over land. They were pleasantly, pretty smooth and not really noteworthy. I was relieved. Thank God for the SOAR program by the way - it works. And thank you, Captain Tom, for creating it! On another note, it didn't hurt to have a favorite comedy (or something else you enjoy) to watch in order to pass the time. I watched several seasons of a show which made the time go by so much faster.


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      Thanks for posting this question. I fly from Seattle to Tokyo in four days and I've never been on an international flight and wondered the same thing. I have flown to Hawaii twice, and I don't recall anything out of the ordinary happening.


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        It's possible to experience a bit more turb flying int'l but simply because you are on a plane for a LOT longer than a typical 2-3hr domestic flight. I had heard that there is more turb as you cross the equator--wind changes around the globe and all--but I never found this to be true for the most part. Probably because I sleep through those parts. I have crossed the equator a LOT and can tell you that it's no different than any other flight.