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  • Turbulence Is Not Getting Worse

    Turbulence Is Not Getting Worse

    If you have seen reports in the media that say turbulence is getting worse, forget about it. The speculation is that, in the future, there may be more. There is no current increase, and I suspect the speculation about an increase in the future is incorrect.

    In any case, turbulence is not a safety threat; it is just that we automatically think downward motion signifies threat. It does if we are standing on something, for if the ground fell out from under us, that would be dangerous....
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  • Media and Fear of Flying

    Media and Fear of Flying

    A recent story on public radio pointed out that a death due to a terrorist attack is covered by the media about several thousand more times than a death due to a natural disaster.

    Try it yourself. Google “Manchester bombing.” You get 32,300,000 results. Try “Columbia mudslide.” You get 17,600 results. There were 210 deaths in the mudslide. There were 22 people killed in Manchester. Do the math. There were 1,468,181 media presentations per death in the terror attack. There were...
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  • Anti-Anxiety Medication

    Anti-Anxiety Medication

    Benzodiazepines are very controversial. Though many general practitioners disregard the guidelines and prescribe them, few psychiatrists prescribe them.

    We can not allow people to mislead users of this board to advocate - in any way - the use of controversial, addictive and potentially dangerous medications. Lisa Hauptner, Vice President of SOAR, is a certified addictions counselor. Our experience has been that people who ARE dependent upon benzodiazepines make recommendations as a...
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  • What We Have In Mind: Is It Real?

    What We Have In Mind: Is It Real?

    What We Have In Mind: Is It Real?

    There are about 250,000,000 adult Americans. If one out of three fears flying, that means about 83,000,000 fear their plane will crash. How is fear - compared with crashes - working out.?

    No U.S. airline has had a fatal crash in over fifteen years. In that period of time, people have flown in the U.S. about 1,000,000,000 times. If one out of three was fearful, that's about 333,0000,000 times someone expected their plane to crash.
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