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Conquer fear of flying with SOAR. Get the most effective help available anywhere. Control fear, panic, and claustrophobia automatically, even if your fear of flying is extreme.


As both a licensed therapist and airline captain, I've specialized in the treatment of fear of flying for thirty years, and developed methods that are far more effective in treating fear of flying than those found anywhere else.


It has been years since I've worked with an anxious or even terrified flier I could not help. I'm sure I can help you overcome your fear of flying, too.

Captain Tom Bunn



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Accelerated fear of flying courses are ideal if you are flying soon or for less severe fear of flying.


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Our full fear of flying programs are available in separate parts as well as a guaranteed fear of flying course with two counseling sessions.

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What our clients say



TickPut me down as another SOAR graduate. Words just cannot express what this has done for my life." J.W.


TickThe positive results spilled over
into other fear/areas of my life that had nothing to do

with flying...


TickThere's really nothing else for me to say except a most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU! Cathy


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Client comments posted with permission




The SOAR Guaranteed Fear of Flying Program includes all 11 DVDs and 2 hours of counseling for fear of flying with SOAR founder and licensed therapist Captain Tom Bunn LCSW.


After completing the 11 SOAR fear of flying DVDs and the counseling, if you are not satisfied with the improvement when you fly, you will receive a full refund.


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BBB A+ Rating


SOAR has achieved the Better Business Bureau's highest A+ rating.


BBB - Online Accredited Business - A+ Rating




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Biggest Fear

Thank you, Captain Tom for helping me face my biggest fear.



Fear of being sucked out plane

It's such a small price to pay for the peace of mind, and to be able to travel and enjoy life...



Make up years of lost time

I feel like I have to make up for all those years of "lost" time! None of this would have been possible without the SOAR program. I no longer have that anxiety....



Possible to fly without fear

It is possible to fly without fear, and I had not thought I would be able to do this after 35 years...





Browse thousands of messages posted on our fear of flying forum by people dealing with anything from mild flight anxiety to severe fear of flying. We invite you to leave messages as you begin to conquer your fear of flying.


SOAR Forum









We host a live fear of flying chat every Weds at 9pm EST. hosted by Lisa and Captain Tom



Capt Tom Bunn


Captain Tom Bunn

Captain Tom Bunn, a retired airline captain and licensed therapist, is President & founder
of SOAR, Inc with 30+ years helping clients with fear of flying.

Captain Tom Bunn worked on the first fear of flying program at Pan Am until founding SOAR in 1982 to develop more effective methods in dealing with fear of flying.


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Lisa Hauptner


Lisa Hauptner

Lisa Hauptner is Vice President & Director of SOAR, Inc. Lisa overcame her own fear of flying after completing the SOAR program. She was so confident in its life-changing approach, she joined SOAR in helping others conquer fear of flying. Lisa is also a licensed therapist & certified addictions counselor.


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Fear of Flying News from SOAR



Fox News

Fox news asks aviation and search-and-rescue experts what clues can help locate Malaysian crash.



Captain Tom Bunn interviewed regarding Asiana incident.



Ten Fear of Flying Facts


1. One person in three has some degree of fear of flying.
2. One person in six is unable to fly due to fear of flying.
3. The average age at which this fear develops is twenty-seven.
4. Anticipatory anxiety before flying is often worse than feelings when flying.
5. For many fearful fliers, the most difficult part of the flight is cruise.
6. Cruise is difficult because of turbulence and feeling up high.
7. The term fear of flying is in common usage due to the title of a novel.
8. Fear of flying may include claustrophobia and fear of in-flight panic.
9. Landing is often a relief because the emotional ordeal is almost over.
10. Whatever fear of flying means to you, SOAR can relieve the problem.


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