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Safest Airliners & Airline Safety

How safe is flying?

Recent stats show that only one flight in 8,000,000 crashes. Still, no matter how safe flying may be statistically, it feels the same emotionally. How can we change how flying feels? How can we stop the high anxiety? And what about panic? Feelings are caused by the release of stress hormones. SOAR trains your mind to not react to flying, to not release stress hormones. High anxiety and panic end when the release of stress hormones is controlled.

Safest Airliners at a glance:

  1. Airbus 340
  2. Boeing 777
  3. Boeing 747
  4. Boeing 737 NG
  5. Boeing 767
  6. Airbus 320
  7. Boeing 757
  8. Airbus 330
  9. Boeing 737 CFMI
  10. McDonnell-Douglas MD-11
  11. McDonnell-Douglas DC-10
  12. McDonnell-Douglas MD-80
  13. Boeing 727
  14. Tupelov Tu-134
  15. Douglas DC-9
  16. Airbus 310
  17. Tupelov Tu-154
  18. Ilyushin IL-76
  19. 737-200 with JT8D engines

Quick Facts

The Top 3 safest Airliners:

Airbus 340
Boeing 777
Boeing 747

The Bottom 3 safest Airliners (of 20):

Tupelov Tu-154
Ilyushin IL-76
Boeing 737-200

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What does one accident in five million hours mean? Well, at five-hundred miles per hour, that means 2,500,000,000 miles. If you trade in your car every 100,000 miles, that means the number of miles you would rack up with 25,000 cars! As impressed as you are with your ability to drive, how confident would you be of going through 25,000 cars without an accident?


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