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Anticipatory anxiety is not the same as flight anxiety
In anticipatory anxiety, you imagine the future. You experience an imaginary airplane, not a real one. Stress depends upon imagination. In flight anxiety, [...]
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Having GAD — generalized anxiety disorder — is like having poison ivy. Though it bothers you, the best thing you can do is not scratch it; if [...]
Control Means Having a Way Out
When you drive your car, if someone comes at you, you know you will hit the brakes or turn the wheel. You have a plan that you hope works; actually you [...]
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Where Do Anxiety and Panic Come From?
The autonomic nervous system that regulates emotions has two parts: one is totally mature at birth, and the other part only starts to physically develop at [...]
Keeping “What If” Thoughts Separate
Years ago, I went to Venice with a friend. You may have seen St. Marks Square in movies It is a huge square with outdoor cafes, a tower, and – at one [...]
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Origins Of Flight Anxiety
Anxiety – flight or otherwise – is about our psychological makeup. Initially, we see things in terms of good and bad, because that is the way [...]
Anxiety And Logic
Anxiety, if it were based on pure logic, would recognize that – in spite of all the risk factors you cite – when compared with either driving [...]
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USA TODAY Article on Flight Anxiety by Gary Stoller
Gary Stoller, who writes on aviation for USA Today, interviewed SOAR grads Angel Miller, Tracy Leskey, and Marci Smith for this article.The article leads [...]
Psychoanalysis Is Great But It Doesn’t Change Flight Anxiety
Psychoanalysis – which I’ve been trained in – is great for developing insight. It increases what we are now are calling [...]
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Persistent Anxiety About Turbulence
Recently, I’ve been focusing on why anxiety about turbulence can persist. Context has a lot to do with it. In a context where you feel secure, [...]
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Control And Anxiety
I’ve often been amazed when people don’t accept the help that it took years to develop and perfect, in preference to doing something on their [...]
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What Is Flight Anxiety All About Anyway?
Let’s start at the very beginning. We get our ability to calm ourselves several months AFTER we are born. Calming ones self is not innate. Getting [...]
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What Does Anticipatory Anxiety Mean?
Here are some of the things people think anticipatory anxiety means. ‘This feeling could be an omen.’ ‘If I am feeling this much anxiety [...]
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Generalized Anxiety. Claustrophobia. Are These Buzzwords That Smokescreen The Problem?
This week, a client who has long been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and claustrophobia, had a breakthrough. He discovered fear. He became [...]
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Deep-Rooted Anticipatory Anxiety
Freud wrote about it, and what he said is interesting. He said, the problem with trauma is, the first time you have one, since you never had one before, it [...]
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Can a person have high anxiety – or panic – without any awareness of what triggers it? Yes. And, current thinking is that this can take place [...]