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Flying After 45 Years
An email: Tom: I just want to send you a BIG THANK YOU for all your support in helping me change my life!!! It took me 45 years to finally get on an [...]
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Why Die All Tensed Up?
A reader emailed the following question. ‘I want to know why, though. Why do we fear something, but think that by fearing it, we can keep it from [...]
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Flying Can Become a Problem When a Loved One Dies
Nature wired us up to be calmed by being nurtured by another person. But we are supposed to learn to be calmed – not only by that person’s [...]
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Hollywood Of The Mind
A fearful flier once told me she didn’t want to worry unintelligently, and thus wanted to know when – during flight – was the best time [...]
Driving in bad weather
Driving Versus Flying
It has been raining a lot here in Connecticut. Tonight driving home in the rain, I was being quite careful. I started thinking about driving versus flying [...]
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Feeling Alone When Flying
Someone emailed saying they were doing great and the only better thing would be if I were flying with them. What the person didn’t understand is [...]
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What To Do When Your Child Is Afraid To Fly
When a child expresses fear of flying, reassurance is needed. But when the fear persists, there are other things to consider. When a child expresses fear [...]
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What Is Flight Anxiety All About Anyway?
Let’s start at the very beginning. We get our ability to calm ourselves several months AFTER we are born. Calming ones self is not innate. Getting [...]
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Flying Versus Driving
There was a dramatic increase in deaths when people switched from flying to driving in the three months following 9/11: ‘. . . from October through [...]
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Aviation Websites Archive
WEB SITES ON AVIATION List of Airlines Where The Airline Pilots Association Backs Up Pilots on Safety Issues. ALPA (Airline Pilots Association) [...]