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Air plane climbing steeply after take-off
“It feels like the plane doesn’t have enough power to get off the ground.”
On takeoff, there is often a concern that the plane will not get off the ground. To help answer this from an intellectual point of view, consider that when [...]
Plane overhead lighting
When the plane is parked at the gate, it is using power either from a thing we call the APU (Aux Power Unit) on-board the plane, or the plane is plugged [...]
car repair car battery
A Good Article On Airline Maintenance From ABC News
Planes are not maintained like our cars. We wait for things to break on our cars, but with airplanes, we fix things before they break. And in the rare [...]
Child in car seat
Putting Your Child On A Plane Can Cause Anxiety But . . .
Though you FEEL safe when you put your child in a car, you are actually safer when you put your child on a plane. Feelings and reality are often not in [...]