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31/08/2016 - Captain Bunn
Aviation Websites Archive


List of Airlines Where The Airline Pilots Association Backs Up Pilots on Safety Issues.

ALPA (Airline Pilots Association)

The American Airlines Pilots’ Union

The Southwest Pilots’ Union

Comprehensive List Of US Airlines With Unions


What you can and cannot carry onboard of put in your luggage


Boeing on Flight Safety


Boeing Aircraft Photos

Canadian Regional Jet Photos〈=en&file=/en/3_0/3_0_1_6.html

Embraer Regional Jet Photos


Clear Air Turbulence Forecasts

(note that turbulence changes from hour to hour, and forecasts are not very helpful, so pilots normally depend upon what they hear on the radio from other pilots rather than forecasts) (click on message board; then on Tracking Forum)


Real Time Weather Info (click on message board; then on Tracking Forum)

Aviation Weather

CNN Weather

Aviation Weather (Government Site)


Jetlag Calculator


Pratt and Whitney Features


Aviation Now (News)


Information Of Many Kinds


Great Circle Route

Shows the shortest route between airports.


Airline Seating Charts

(Try to avoid seats in the rear of the plane which moves around more than any other part of the plane in turbulence; bests seats for turbulence are near the wing and forward of the wing.)


How Airplanes Work

How Airports Work

How Flight Controls and Wings Work (NASA)

The above pages are listed on:


Hurricane Hunters

Your airliner is built the same as those flying in hurricanes


A Source Of Info On Safety Of Travel In Various Countries


Photos Of Airline Meals


Tracking Flights In The Air (click on message board; then on Tracking Forum)


FAA Home Page


FAA Airport Status (check weather and delays)


A Photo From Space That Is Amazing


A Message Board Of Comments From Passengers On Airline Service


Web Cameras At Airports

Airport Web Sites

Atlanta –

Dallas-Fort Worth –

Chicago –

Denver –

Las Vegas –

Los Angeles –

Minneapolis St. Paul –

New York –

San Francisco –

Listening In On Air Traffic Control


Various Aviation Videos


SOAR Web Site, Message Board, and Wednesday Night Chat

click on message board or chat

Chat is at 9 until 11 PM every Wednesday night Eastern Time (New York Time)

SOAR Phone Numbers

For SOAR Video Course on DVD and SOAR Guaranteed Program information call Lisa Hauptner MS CASAC at (800) 332-7359 or 914 763-9603, or email:

For Immediate Help for an upcoming flight or to schedule counseling

call Capt. Tom Bunn MSW LCSW at (877) 332-7359 or (203) 258-4803




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