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What To Do When Your Child Is Afraid To Fly
When a child expresses fear of flying, reassurance is needed. But when the fear persists, there are other things to consider. When a child expresses fear [...]
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Persistent Anxiety About Turbulence
Recently, I’ve been focusing on why anxiety about turbulence can persist. Context has a lot to do with it. In a context where you feel secure, [...]
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Control And Anxiety
I’ve often been amazed when people don’t accept the help that it took years to develop and perfect, in preference to doing something on their [...]
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What Is Flight Anxiety All About Anyway?
Let’s start at the very beginning. We get our ability to calm ourselves several months AFTER we are born. Calming ones self is not innate. Getting [...]
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Are All Airlines The Same?
First, why should YOU choose an airline? Aren’t they all the same? Don’t they operate under the same regulations? Doesn’t the FAA insure [...]
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Flying Versus Driving
There was a dramatic increase in deaths when people switched from flying to driving in the three months following 9/11: ‘. . . from October through [...]
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What Does Anticipatory Anxiety Mean?
Here are some of the things people think anticipatory anxiety means. ‘This feeling could be an omen.’ ‘If I am feeling this much anxiety [...]
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Generalized Anxiety. Claustrophobia. Are These Buzzwords That Smokescreen The Problem?
This week, a client who has long been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and claustrophobia, had a breakthrough. He discovered fear. He became [...]
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Free Will?
There has been increased recent attention in the question philosophers struggled with two-thousand years ago: do humans have ‘free will’? [...]
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Deep-Rooted Anticipatory Anxiety
Freud wrote about it, and what he said is interesting. He said, the problem with trauma is, the first time you have one, since you never had one before, it [...]
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It Seems Impossible For Some To Accept They Are Wrong About Turbulence
So what could be the reason? Imagination? If so, why does imagination trump reality when every piece of information says turbulence is not a threat? Why [...]
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Transcript Of The Demonstration Flight
Note: the clients who volunteered to participate in this course which was video taped did NOT have the benefit of the Strengthening Exercise, which [...]
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Aviation Websites Archive
WEB SITES ON AVIATION List of Airlines Where The Airline Pilots Association Backs Up Pilots on Safety Issues. ALPA (Airline Pilots Association) [...]
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Cue-Controlled Deep Muscle Relaxation (CC-DMR)
CC-DMR trains your body’s large muscles to respond to the cues you give. Your task is to consciously notice what muscle tension feels like in [...]
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SOAR In The 1980s
In the 1980s, SOAR was the largest organization producing in-person fear of flying programs. We did them all over the U.S. When an article on SOAR appeared [...]
Small Regional Jet
Regional Jets
When people first consider flying one of the regional jets (these smaller airliners), there is always anxiety about it. One of the usual concerns is that [...]
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Keep Yourself Entertained On The Plane
Don’t depend on the airline to keep you entertained. Bring along a variety of things, a book, a half-dozen magazines, crossword puzzles, video games [...]
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Betrayal And Trust
Theorists believe it matters how early in life betrayal takes place. When it takes place early in life, betrayal is not just “no big deal” [...]
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When Imagination Masquerades As Reality
Yesterday, a client called from Hawaii. He said he was about to fly from one island to another and was having a lot of trouble. I asked him how his from [...]
Night & Day
Black and White Thinking
When we were children, we learned – as children first do – to think in simplistic ways. We learned to think in absolute terms, such as good and [...]
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Social Referencing
Social referencing is something we all do. It refers to the tendency to look at the facial expressions others display when we are not sure what to do in a [...]
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The Mind’s Emotional Bar Code Reader
When you check out at the supermarket, you pass your items by an optical bar code reader. The bar code reader reads the bar code on the label of the item. [...]
The Terrible Twos: Takeoff and Turbulence
Two parts of the flight bother people most: takeoff and turbulence. Takeoff is brief, but turbulence can last. So let’s consider the kind of [...]
Black clouds
About Turbulence
Plastic Ted is a UAL pilot who frequently posts on the SOAR message board. He wrote this on turbulence. It is the best thing I’ve read to help an [...]
Head with cogs inside
Can a person have high anxiety – or panic – without any awareness of what triggers it? Yes. And, current thinking is that this can take place [...]
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What Revs Us Up and Calms Us Down
The autonomic nervous system has two parts: one that revs us up when facing an emergency – or imagining an emergency – and one that is supposed [...]
Trying to feel nothing
Often a course participant has a goal – consciously or unconsciously – to “feel nothing”. It may be because that is what they incorrectly imagine “normal” [...]
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Seven Levels of Arousal
There is a useful map to our emotions called “The Seven Levels of Arousal”. This is from a researched named Als. A road map helps understand [...]
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