Regional Jets

31/08/2016 - Captain Bunn
Regional Jets

When people first consider flying one of the regional jets (these smaller airliners), there is always anxiety about it. One of the usual concerns is that it will be bumpy.

Probably this has to do with smaller planes with turboprop engines which cannot fly above the clouds like jets can, and so they get stuck at altitudes that are very rough.

But these regional jets are full-fledged airliners. They have all the “bells and whistles”. They have the very latest navigation systems. They have all the safety devices any other jet airliner has. So safety-wise there is not problem.

In fact, in regular airline service, we have had no crashes and no fatalities on any planes of this type.

There are really three things you need to know:

1. The ride is just as good as any larger airliner. In fact, the ride is better than on some other airliners. This is an excellent choice if what you want is a good, smooth ride.

2. It is so easy when seeing a huge jet to think something that big can’t stay in the air. That is not the case with these smaller jets; it is easier to understand how these planes safely stay in the air.

3. In every case, though there has been anxiety expressed to me before flying a regional jet, the reports AFTER flying them is that the person liked them just as well as any airliner, and many prefer them, now that they have tried them.

So, I can rightfully give you every possible assurance that though you feel anxiety now, you will be amazed how good he experience is with these smaller jets.

If you want to learn more about them, here are the two websites of the manufacturers:

Image Credit:  Bombardier Multimedia Library