The power of the tail – or tale…

12/10/2016 - Captain Bunn
The power of the tail – or tale…

It is my view when flying, that there really isn’t anything to expect other than that your plane will get there fine.

To expect anything else — once you engage in expectation a few times — is going to cause that expectation to be stored in your mind as if it is a memory! That causes you a lot of trouble.

Why? Because when you are actively expecting or actively imagining, you are aware that you are actively producing that expectation or imagination. But after you have done that a few times, the part of your brain that stores memories stores what you expect or what you imagine as a memory. This means it is stored just as something that has actually happened is stored.

But there is a nasty twist; it is stored as a memory, but it is also stored as something that has yet to happen. In other words, since it is stored as a memory, and it is stored as something that has not happened yet, it is stored as a “memory of the future”; in other words, it is an omen.

It is important for you to understand that omens are produced — not by some force out there in the universe — but BY YOU. Omens are always created by the individual, but the individual — not recognizing the process by which he or she has created the omen — naturally thinks it means something. People tell me they just know that if they get on the plane, it will crash.

A dog chases its tail only because it thinks the tail belongs to some other dog that is running away. It doesn’t know it is its own tail. The power of the tail — or tale — is in not knowing it is your own.

My recommendation is that you do not engage in expectation and that you do not engage in fantasy and that you do not engage in imagination of crashing. I recommend this for one simple reason. Engaging in that activity will — in a very short time — cause you to memorize what you produce. Once you memorize it, when it comes to mind, it comes to mind without the earmarks of something you are producing or that you have produced; rather it will come to mind as if it exists on its own in reality.

Once it has that kind of mental existence, you will become obsessed with it as something that is going to happen unless you have absolute control of some means to stop it. And, the only means you know to stop it is not to fly. Thus, once you have created the omen in your own mind, taking a flight means giving up the only way you know to stop it (to not fly). To take a flight seems insane. Anticipatory anxiety builds because you are sure you are going to the death you see in your “future memory”.

If you already have a “future memory”, look back at the steps you employed to create it. Recall the many times you engaged in expectation of a crash, or imagination of a crash. As you engaged in expectation, you — unwittingly — recorded expectation. You turned expectation into memory. This “memory of the future” is total fabrication; your fabrication. If you can go back and recall unwittingly fabricating the memory, you may be able to deconstruct the fabrication process and — to some degree — deconstruct the omen.

If you are unable to deconstruct it, try to understand that when you have the feeling that you are sure the plane will crash, you are dealing fantasy made to seem real through repetition.

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