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Strengthening Exercise

The Strengthening Exercise links flight situations to a moment of empathic connection. These links reduce or eliminate the feelings caused by stress hormones when flying. We have developed a faster and easier way to do the exercise. The old way involved going back and forth between an imaginary flying scene and a moment of empathic attunement. With the new way, you need to do only two or three sessions for the links to be established. It is simply this.

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1. Picture the person's face - particularly their eyes - during a moment in which there is eye-to-eye contact and their face expresses something that words are not adequate to say, that they are fully attuned to you, and that they care about you and your feelings.

2. Imagine the person picks up a photograph of a flight situation and holds it touching their cheek. You can see the photograph and the person's eyes at the same time.

3. When ready, imagine the person picks up another photograph, and again, holds it so you see their eyes and the photograph at the same time.

If there is a person in your life currently with whom you have moments of empathic attunement, in addition to doing the Strengthening Exercise in imagination, do it also with him or her actually holding each photograph, one after another, by their eyes. 

The exercise can also be done with a child, or an infant. Of all the moments of connection that can be used in the exercise, a moment nursing an infant is the most powerful. If you have had that experience, be sure some of your Strengthening Exercise practice links flight moments to nursing. 

If you have a pet, do some of your practice with your pet. Research also shows that the exercise is effective using eye-to-eye contact with a dog.

To make practice of the exercise easier, click on the following links to get photographs you can print out and use in your practice sessions.



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