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The 12 monthly downloads deal with advanced Post Graduation information on turbulence, anticipatory anxiety and how flying works.

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  • “The Dispatcher” - Who plans and tracks your flight? A key safety role you didn’t know about.
  • “Primitive Versus Mature Thinking” - How your logical style can increase or decrease anxiety?
  • “Persistent Anxiety About Turbulence” -  If turbulence is safe, then why does it still bother you?
  • “Decision Anxiety” - Understand why decision making causes anxiety, and what to do about it.
  • “The Abstract Point Of No Return” - An advanced strategy for controlling anticipatory anxiety.
  • “A Hole In The Soul” - Could a core issue be the basis for all your difficulties, including flying?
  • “Concern About Being Up High” - Why does the safest past of the flight cause such distress?  
  • “Believing The Amygdala” - How part of your brain makes you sure you are in mortal danger.











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