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"You owe it to yourself to
at least try SOAR"

"The SOAR program has
been a life changer for me"

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Client Comments

Client Comments are letters or emails we receive from clients and tend to go into less depth than reviews.


What do people think about SOAR?


"When I arrived in CA, my son thanked me for facing my biggest fear for his sake. That meant so much. Thank you, Captain Tom for helping me face my biggest fear"
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"It is wonderful to plan trips to interesting places or loving trips to see my grown-up kids, without having fear mar the excitement of these trips. I am so grateful for SOAR and for Captain Bunn's genuine, effective, and continuing support."
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"It's such a small price to pay for the peace of mind, and to be able to travel and enjoy life while we have it."
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So many people get unexpectedly anxious
just before their flight that we created two special programs to provide effective help in the shortest time possible.

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Captain Tom Bunn

We receive so much weekly correspondence from clients that we've compiled a set of reviews by people who want others to know how SOAR helped them and so they can tell their story. Who better to judge our fear of flying program than by people who have also taken the course.





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