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Twitter screenshot (description below image)"I use this method to manage fear of flying on every flight I take."

Twitter screenshot (description below image)"I used this program with great success. I've been on nearly 20 flights in 3 years."


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"It worked for me to... good luck to all who try it x"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"NP - your course cured my fear - just spreading the word"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"I do this program a few times before I have to fly. It does help. Brilliantly done."


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"happy to wax poetically about how @flightwit helped deal with this awful anxiety. Made such a difference in my life!"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"I got over my fear of flying with you. That's why I could go to Antigua, Dubai, India."


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"Can't say enough wonderful things about this program. If you are afraid to fly - you won't be when you are done!"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"A successful flight across the country then to #Hawaii thanks to @flightwit and the #soar program!"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"Welcome! Have been a SOAR fan since 2005. SOAR works. Thnx!"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"another stress and anxiety free flight that's to Capt Tom Bunn #changedmylife."


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"SOAR was the only thing that worked for me"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"Wanted to say thanks, Tom! Recent flights were so much more comfortable with your help! Thank you so much!!"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"you've changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. Just landed today, will email with a few questions soon!"


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"Program got me in the air again. Been on 1 vacation & 4 conferences since."


Twitter screenshot (description below image)"If you or someone you love struggles with fear of flying check out @800_FEAR_FLY & @flightwit. It works!"

Twitter screenshot (description below image)"thank you for helping me on my flight to Amsterdam and then on to Sweden."

Twitter screenshot (description below image)"I actually followed your methods and it's helping a lot :)"

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