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About SOAR

About SOAR

Captain Tom Bunn & Lisa Hauptner

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SOAR History

In order to develop a fear of flying program that would help everyone, Captain Bunn established SOAR in 1982. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques developed by Dr. Claire Weekes were added.

The new techniques made it possible to help most of those not helped by the original programs. Research...

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Turbulence terror
I'm OK about take-off and landing but turbulence terrifies me. Help!!

Captain Tom's reply:
First you need to know that turbulence is a problem for people only because people think turbulence is a problem for the airplane. Actually the airplane couldn't be happier than when in turbulence. It just doesn't bother airplanes, only us who think it bothers airplanes. Second, it can help to understand that turbulence is natural. The jet stream is caused by earth rotation, and...

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Client Comments

I want to thank you for the help you personally gave me over the telephone and through the SOAR course. I can honestly say that I would have never flown again without it. Steve

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In The Media

How Flight-Phobic Executives Face Their Plane Fear Head-On

While advertising executive Cindy Dooley sat on the plane, waiting for takeoff on twice-monthly flights to visit clients, her fear of flying meant she would break into a nervous sweat, her heart pounding and her stomach plagued by jitters.

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Research & Development

Air safety of airliners registered in the United Kingdom

According to Aviation Safety Review, 706 million passengers flew 7.15 million flights worldwide during the ten year period 1990 through 1999 on airliners registered in the United Kingdom without a single fatality.

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