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We host a live chat every Wednesday at 9pm EST

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The chat is hosted by Lisa Hauptner MS, LMHC, CASAC and Captain Tom MSW, LCSW from 9 PM until 11 PM eastern (same as New York).

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Capt Tom Bunn MSW, LCSW hosts a free fear of flying group counseling session every Wednesday from 10 pm until 11 pm Eastern Time (same as New York).

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Jenny         this is my first time participating in the chat form, so i am not sure what is next.

Steve        me, too.

Steve        Have you flown before?

Jenny         I have, but lately i have had a fear, something about feeling like the plane is closed in. How about you?

Steve        It's been 25 years since my last flight. I'm not really afraid of the physics...just         the closed in feeling.

Jenny         it really bothers me, because i want to be able to travel and go places

Capt T.     Hi. Welcome everyone!

Steve         I know.

Jenny         yep, same as me, i am not sure where the fear came from

Jenny         have you tried anything for it?

Steve        not yte

Capt T.     Jenny, no problem being new here. We just try to help people understand the problem and how to fix it.

Jenny         thanks

Jenny         yeah, i fly for work and right now i have a flight coming up next week. So i am very nervous about having a panic attack.

Capt T.     What usually happens, is this: one "what if" thought (what if the wings fall off,         what if the pilot is drunk, what if there is a terrorist, etc.) will cause just one shot of adrenalin. One shot will only take you, on a scale of zero to ten, to a two.

Capt T.     But five "what if" thoughts will max you out.

Jenny         yeah, i have flown with the fear and i was really uncomfortable. I have flown many times before and had no problem.

Capt T.     As you get older and wiser, and as you realized more things can go wrong, after a while, it catches up with you . . . unless you have a lot of automatic calming built inside.

Capt T.     The kind of thing that helps you expect things to work out.

Allie hi

Capt T.     If that is somewhat lacking, then every "what if" is very serious.

Jenny         how do i get the automatic calming built up

Steve         Yes, how?

Capt T.     What we do is explain how flying works, so you know what can't happen. And, of the things that CAN happen, we have ways to deal with them, and you learn that, too.

Capt T.     Then, we give you an automatic way to keep the adrenalin from flowing when you think of flying. That's it.

Allie facts always make me feel calmer...especially when there in my favor.

Jenny         yeah feeling calm on a flight would be great

Capt T.     Facts help. But a lot of people are confident about the plane, but not confident they will not have a panic attack on the plane, and be unable to get off the plane (of course) to get relief.

Capt T.     So, we have to make sure you don't panic, also.

Steve     exactly

Jenny         i agree

Jenny         i feel like when i am on the plane i am in a closed in space and need to get off

Capt T.     We teach everything on DVDs (or CDs, for the audio course). We do a bit of counseling, as needed, to fine tune things. And it works.

Jenny         i have read the success stories and want to be able to write my own

Allie my fear is with taking off, the sounds of slowing and turbulence.

Capt T.     Jenny, sure, because when you are uncomfortable, you feel you need to get off, and since you can't, you get more uncomfortable.

Capt T.    Hi Sharon. Welcome.

Sharon         Hello!

Capt T.     Allie, I guess you may be worried the plane will slow down too much???

Jenny         yep, i agree. So i need to get the DVDs?

Capt T.     Jenny, I'm sure they will do the job.

Capt T.     Plus a bit of counseling (some is included) to fine tune things.

Allie maybe...it just sounds so unatural for something supposed to be going so fast to slow down...

Capt T.     Allie, yes. That's true. But that's how planes are. You need to fly fast enough to make the air as thick as jello, so it will hold the plane.

Jenny         do i need to get the whole set, my flight is next week and i am not sure i will be ready for it.

Capt T.     Jenny, better then, is to do Fast Track which is a shortened version. It is online.

Steve         I purchased your entire series including the counseling session. I haven't watched them yet...too much of a commitment! But now I have to fly in 3 weeks. Do you think I can be successful in this short time span?

Capt T.     Jenny, take a look at this: http://www.fearofflying.com/relief/

Allie i am so fine tuned to sounds in an airplane that even when I'm listening to something on headphones i hear sounds. The person who recommended the sight gave me the Jello visual...it makes sense

Allie Is Continental a safe airline

Capt T.     First t, I'm absolutely sure you can do it in that time. Even if you had two days, we could make a HUGE difference. Go ahead and get started. It will work.

Jenny         thanks, i will have to look into. I am a college student, so money is very limited for me.

Capt T.     Jenny, do you have an iPod?

Jenny         i use my brothers sometimes

Capt T.     Jenny, if you want to, there is an iPod version that is cheaper. Rapid Relief is $199.95. Complete Relief is $299.95 See: http://www.fearofflying.com/relief/

Steve         I have a video iPod. Can I transfer a DVD to it? The Take Me Along that came with my set is audio only.

Capt T.     first, there is a new MP4 video version of "Take Me Along". Email me and I'll send you info. You CAN transfer the DVD, but it takes a lot of time to compress the DVD into the smaller (much smaller) MP4 format files.

Steve         Should I email you at tom@fearofflying.com? I purchased the whole DVD set, including the extra audio CDs for the car, plus counseling. I'd love to put something on the iPod for the plane.

Capt T.     First, yes. Email me and I'll send you info on the video version. It really is excellent!

Frank         hi! i didn't show up for my flight today and lost a grand total of $1000. I got meds from the doctor and i still couldn't board the plane. I am so freaking terrified and i just can't see myself ever flying again.

Capt T.     Frank, you can see some clips from the new video version of Take Me Along on the message board at the top of the page. Do you know how to find the message board?

Allie The more I read, the more i'm beginning to understand that turbulence is not dangerous...but what about a flight that is consistently turbulent?

Capt T.     Frank, almost everyone we work with things nothing will work.

Frank         i have had a history of anxiety and flying just puts me over the edge.

Sharon         Frank I've done that too.

Jenny         how do you handle the sitting on the plane before the flight takes off

Frank         i am wired wrong. i have tons of fear.

Allie havent done it, but have wished I could!

Sharon         You aren't wired wrong!

Frank         no, i seriously am. i live with myself, i know. i am

Sharon         Everyone handles things differently at different times of their life!

Capt T.     Frank, the problem is this. Powerful - and overpowering - emotions are triggered by unconscious processes. You can't control them consciously no matter how hard you try. The key is to CHANGE the unconscious processes so they simply do not cause those feelings. We can do that, and amazingly, in just a couple of days!

Allie had lots of fear in my 30's now I'm 40 and am not as fearful..we change

Capt T.     Frank, I'm sure - wired as you are - we can fix it.

Sharon         I backed out of a flight to Maui six years ago and I'm scheduled to fly to Maui in four weeks. I'm determined.
Frank         i have always suffered from extreme anxiety. i just don't want to freak out on the plane.

Capt T.     Frank, of the things people try to do when emotions are in the way, flying is the most difficult thing to do.

Sharon         Frank I flew to Seattle last fall after more than 20 years of being grounded.

Jenny         maui, wow, i would like to do that too

Capt T.     Frank, once we "install" the changes, you can't panic.

Allie I won a trip to Hawaii in February and just havent booked it because of my fear. Going to London/Paris in November and want to do it so bad

Sharon         I wish we could all go together! to maui

Frank         i flew in november with no problems. my anxiety returned out of the blue. I need some severe help.

Capt T.     Brave, I'm sure we can do it together.

Allie I printed out the press on these DVD's...all good feedback...sounds like a solid program..

Frank         which one do i order. considering i just blew 1000 my budget is limited.

Sharon         I'm ordering them. I didn't use the program for Seattle but I will be doing it for this trip.

Jenny         i wish there was a support group in my area

Capt T.     I'm sure we can provide anything and everything you need for this, but you may not feel confident enough to get going unless you and I talk. Please call me tomorrow at 877 332-7359, or at 10 PM, switch over the the free group counseling session.

Rick         Capt Tom, I followed the program and did fine on the plane. But had alot of antisp. axiety in the few days leading up to the flights. I did the 54321 exercise which was good for the very moment but still lots of anxiety in between.

Allie awesome andy!

Sharon            Jenny I did a support group...it didn't really help that much

Capt T.       Hi Liz. Welcome.

Liz         Hi Capt. T. Just wanted to let you know I'm back from an awesome trip to Mexico and flew great- my first time in 6 years. I was so calm and at ease and was able to finish a book. I can't believe how well I did.

Sharon         Liz that is great!

Jenny         Question, if i am taking a flight in which a seat is not assigned, i know i would prefer an aisle seat. how do i handle that.

Capt T.     Liz, isn't it great! It is really impossible to understand in advance how different it is after you make the changes.

Capt T.     Jenny, you need to board early. If it is Southwest, go online just minutes under 24 hours before your flight departure and sign up to be in the first boarding group.

Jenny         the airline is Airtran

Liz     Thanks! The anticipatory anxiety was significant especially since I was leaving my little ones at home. Will it diminish on future flights?

Capt T.     Hi Kim. Welcome.

Kim         Hi,

Capt T.         Jenny, I don't know if there is a way to do it on Airtran.

Allie I always have anticipatory anxiety when I leave my kids at home to go away.

Capt T.         Jenny, you could tell the gate agent about the problem and what you need and why.

Capt T.         Allie, is it because of what they might get into while you are gone, or fear you won't see them again?

Jenny             ok, i think i remember in one of the stories a lady presented the gate agent a letter explaining the situation

Allie fear that I'll die in a plane crash and they'll never see their mom again.!!!!

Capt T.         Jenny, we do supply letters for our clients, but we don't want to give letters to people who have not done the work to be able to do well; otherwise, crews could get the idea the program doesn't work.

Jenny         i understand

Martha         Hi, Capt. Tom. Hi, everyone.

Allie hi Martha

Kim          Hi, Martha.

Liz        Hi Martha.

Sharon            Hey Martha

Capt T.        Allie, OK. That's the easy one to deal with. You actually PROTECT your kids by taking the flight. Why? Every time you drive 5.4 miles (urban) or 10.8 miles (interstate) you have done the SAME RISK as a flight. Think how many times you would do that in a day if you stayed home.

Capt T.         Hi Martha. Welcome. Just so you know, Martha did the Complete Relief program.

Martha             I sure did. The program is truly amazing!

Capt T.         Kim did the DVDs several years ago, and still comes on on Wednesday to help.

Capt T.         So, if anyone has a question about the Rapid Relief & Complete Relief programs, ask Martha. About the DVDs, ask Kim.

Allie Those statistics are comforting. But I need to do the program, because once I'm sitting in my seat on the plane, it all evaporates and I'm panicked.

Kim            Allie, I understand. The statistics become helpful only after you take care of the irrational emotional stuff.

Kim            You sort of have to "back into" the statistics. Eventually they help, but the emotional work comes first.

Allie yes. how quickly can a person review the Complete Relief program

Martha            Allie, I hadn't flown for over ten years. After doing the Complete Relief program, I have now flown ten flights since February. :-)

Sharon            Martha WOW!

Martha            Allie, I received mine Wednesday and my flight was that Saturday.

Sharon            congrats!

Allie wow! I'm impressed.

Capt T.        Allie, those statistics only give you a LOGICAL reason to understand you are doing the right thing. They don't help with the feelings. The Strengthening Exercise will fix that, so please start working on the DVDs, or email me and I'll set you up for Complete Relief.

Allie ok..so its that quick.

Martha             Sharon, I know. It is amazing! I feel like I have been given a whole new life!

Jenny             Martha, it worked that quick!

Martha             Yes, Jenny. I was so afraid, but it truly worked.

Sharon              I'm feeling a LOT less anxious about my flight to Maui than I was about the flight to Seattle last year. Still....I really need to do the program.

Liz         I found that I actually calmed down quite a bit once I was seated. The only leg of the trip that was a little uncomfortable for me was the one I didn't meet the capt. and they made absolutely no announcements (which surprised me).

Capt T.         Jenny, Allie, back in 1988, I was doing a six week program, meeting with a group two hours a week. We can now do far, far more in just a day or so.

Kim             Like laser surgery. :-)

Jenny             i guess for me, i think actually sitting on a plane would help

Jenny             with security now, i just don't see that happening

Martha             Jenny, the program shows you pictures, so you can imagine what it will be like. I was the same way.

Capt T.         Jenny, we used to include that when we did "live" courses, but none of the live courses came even close to what we can do now -- even without going on a plane.

Sharon             Jenny I did get a chance to do that before my flight as part of a support group and that did help, but ONLY to get acclimated to that particular plane. When I flew to Seattle I was on four *different* planes.

Jenny            ok i am definitely feeling less anxious. If i get rid of this claustraphobia feeling, i will be so happy

Martha             Capt. Tom, thanks again for the personalized DVD. I absolutely LOVE it!

Capt T.         Martha, I'm really glad you like it!!

Martha             I do! It makes it a lot easier to relate to that special moment seeing pictures of my family.

Martha             However, having said that, I have had tremendous success with the non-personalized version, too!

Capt T.         Martha, OK. I just was wondering. I know it is nice to use a set of images like that, and it helps someone who is having trouble doing the exercise, but I wasn't sure it would help someone like you who is doing well already.

Kim             Tom makes personalized DVDs now? Inserts photos between airplane pictures?  I mean, your own photos?

Rick             Jenny, I familarized myself with plane pictures and video clips off the internet. The SOAR website has some links. Being familar with the inside cabin helped me alot.

Martha             I think it's just a little "backup" to have just in case. It's so funny now - I am SO excited about flying to NYC for the Soarfest. I don't have one ounce of anxiety about the trip. I am just so excited to meet everyone in person!

Liz         Capt. T. I also have the personalized DVD and I don't know if it makes it more effective, but it definately makes pracitce a whole lot easier and therefore effective, too.

Martha             I love the song on the DVD, too, Capt. Tom. It soooo parallels my life, that it makes it that much easier to recall that special moment.

Capt T.         Liz, thank you. Both of you, please let me know after you have flown (after using it) what you think.

Martha            Jenny, you can do it! If I did it, anyone can do it! :-)

Jenny            thank you for the encouragement

Liz        Yes! And it truly worked but like you've said before it is just automatic and happens without any thought.

Capt T.        For everyone who doesn't know what we are talking about, the Strengthening Exercise is the exercise that provides the automatic protection against anxiety.

Capt T.         We teach it on DVD with some images, but if people want a customized DVD to help with practice, we can include pictures from moments in which they felt a special connection with someone, and connect that feeling to flying; that is what provides the calming.

Jenny              ok

Martha             I've watched my DVD everyday since I received it. lol

Kim             Wow. That's fantastic. I'm eager to hear how well it works. What a difference from making your own index cards with stick figures!

Capt T.         Hi David. Welcome.

Capt T.         Hi Tracy. Welcome.

Martha             lol Kim

David           Hi all - Better late then,...

Sharon             Kim that *is* a difference!

David           Wanted to let you know that I just enjoyed 4 flights after SOAR.

Liz          David, isn't it amazing you can say "enjoyed"? Where did you go?

David           Liz-- Europe, from China!

Liz          Awesome!

David            Capt T.-- Thanks. Without SOAR or yourself it would not have happened. Felt really good to fly, let it be seeing my family again.

Capt T.         David, I thank you for that.

Martha             How long was the flight, David?

David           Martha -- Approx. 12-13 hours. One flight 12 hours, the connecting 1 hour.

Sharon             David Wow!

Martha             That is soooo awesome! Good for you!

David           Sharon -- In fact the long flight "easier" mentally. One even get bored.

Kim            Hi, Lisa.

David           Hi Lisa.

Lisa H.          Hi, Kim.

Lisa H.          Hi, Tom.

Lisa H.          Hi, David.

Martha              Hi, Lisa.

Tracy              I am new here - here because on Friday I will be flying to Texas from Boston to see my son... I am terrified. I think its quite possible I will kiss my husband at the airport and go home! :) I just so want to see my son.

Capt T.         Hi Lisa.

Capt T. turns chat over to Lisa to begin Free Group Phone Counseling Session

Lisa H.          Hello, all.

Martha             Tracy, been there, done that. :-)

Tracy             A few months ago I just couldn't get on the plane to return home from South Carolina so we kept the rental car and drove 17 hours straight through to the tune of 500$ after paying for the flight!!

Martha             Tracy, have you done the Soar program?

David            Tracy -- It's also possible to kiss your husband and board! Been there in both situations.

Lisa H.         David/Martha - What helped most for you?

Liz         Tracy, this course truly works. I never thought I'd fly again and here is just go back from Mexico and felt great on the plane. It is amazing.

Lisa H.          Hi, Charlie.

Charlie         hello all

Tracy               I wish I had found this sooner..thinking of Fast track tomorrow

Martha              The Fast Track program and Capt. Tom giving me the facts, straight up, when I e-mailed him after I wouldn't get on the plane.

Lisa H.           Tracy - You still have time to work on it.

David             Lisa H. -- for me the FAST track did wonders. It condenses the whole SOAR course. Especially the new guided practice with its visualization.

Tracy               Thank you - I feel so stupid

Martha               And all the support from this room.

Lisa H.            David - You can really see how that kicks in when you are on the plane.

Martha               Capt. Tom, you, and Capt. Steve are amazing.

Liz            If you're stupid then we all are and we know that is not true.

Lisa H.            Tracy - I think you are in big company here.

David              Lisa - What enormously helped too: the fast and straightforward communication with Capt. Tom.

Lisa H.            David - Yes. He really does get right to the point to fix the problem.

David             Lisa - It even kicked in without meeting the Capt. on my 3th flight. I got brushed off! What a shame.

Charlie          I just receive the Fast Track last week. It mentions a letter for the Captain. Seems this was omitted in my mailing...

Martha               I'm going to jump over to the phone conference. Have a great evening, Lisa, and everyone!

David              Charlie - Mail Capt. Tom and you will receive within 24hours.

Lisa H.             David - At least you knew you would be okay without it. That's the most important thing. Still, keep meeting the captain before you board in the future.

Charlie            thanks David

Lisa H.             Who is flying soon?

David              Lisa - Meeting the Capt. is not always evident outside the US airline industry.

Charlie           Also, the 3rd CD in Control of Anxiety cuts out when they get to #4 on the 54321 exercise. Is there anything else after that in that particular CD that is important?

Lisa H.             David - You can still request it, and I don't know anyone that has been turned down yet.  Some foreign airlines do have programs, so they understand it.

Charlie             I will be flying on Sept 21

Lisa H.               Charlie - Do you have CD's or DVD's?

Charlie             short Burbank to Oakland, my first flight in 11 years

David                 My next flight up in approx. two weeks.

Tracy                   My fear has really affected every facet of my life for the last month (when I knew I was going to travel) Has anyone else been in that place?? I pretty much don't think of anything else.

Charlie              I have cd's of the Control of Anxiety

Lisa H.                Charlie/David - How are you feeling right now about the flight?

David                  Tracy - Exactly me two months ago.

Lisa H.                 Hello Jo.

Jo                    Hi Lisa.

Lisa H.                  Hi, Mark.

Mark                    Hi all

Charlie                actually I feel less stressed since I booked it

David                   Lisa - OK. AA limited to the day of the flight itself at very mild levels. That was 100% the opposite two months ago...

Sharon                     Yes Tracy. Last year when I flew after more than 20 years grounded I thought of NOTHING else for a month before the flight.

Lisa H.                  Charlie - Making that commitment to fly actually reduces some of the anxiety. When you leave yourself with all kinds of "outs", it creates much more stress.

Charlie                 been practicing my 54321 and other exercises

Sharon                      Hi Jo and Mark

Lisa H.                   David - Sounds like a great improvement!

Charlie                 I totally agree Lisa

David                    Tracy - I could not concentrate on work, threw up, stomach in a not, bad tempered, nightmares,... We've all been there.

Jo                     hi Sharon

David                    Lisa - Feels like the world is at my feet!

Lisa H.                  David - It is!

Charlie                 I do not get much support from my wife now, but afterwards I think she will be a believer in my plan

Sharon                      David that is super encouraging. It's making me excited to do the Fast Track and fly to Maui!

David                    Lisa - Even in the air!

Tracy                      David - How can I make it go away before Friday?? I think 5 should have sought help long before now!

David                    Sharon -- Read your posts on the message board, right?

Charlie                 Tracy, I been a wreck at work stuff for about the last 4 years

Lisa H.                   Charlie - It is difficult for others without this fear to understand what it is really like -- crippling and awful.

Sharon                       hmmmm...i'm not sure i've posted there before. i'm more of a lurker.

Charlie                 I feel your pain as Bill Clinton says

David                    Tracy - It will go away once you meet the Captain. Until then, do the 5-4-3-2-1.

Lisa H.                   Tracy - Really -- it's not too late to try Fast Track.

Charlie                 I get more support from the most surprising sources

Lisa H.                   and as David says, you MUST meet the captain.

Charlie                 like all my macho golf buddies

Tracy                       Really Lisa? I have tomorrow off to prepare for Fridays trip so Fast track will be my first priority!

Lisa H.                   Tracy - Take a look at the info about Fast Track: http://www.fearofflying.com/fasttrack/

Charlie                 question about fast track - is it ok to view it ahead of time or does that defeat the whole purpose? I've viewed 4 tracks so far...

David                     Tracy - What withholds you to call capt. Tom? It will make a hugh difference. Chances are really in favor you will board that plane and fly comfortably!

Lisa H.                    Charlie - You must view it ahead of the flight to prepare. It is not something that you really take along with you. Learning the "Strengthening Exercise" is essential.

Jo                       Tracy-I did the program 3 days before my flight. I was sure it would not work. Well, was I wrong. It is amazing how this program works. The morning of the flight my aniexty level was very low. During the flight almost none. I can't tell you how liberated I feel.

Charlie                   David - I've read you on the messageboard. Thanks for your postings. I'm SoCA14 over there

Tracy                         David - when can I call him?

Lisa H.                     Jo - Which program did you do? Fast Track or the DVD's?

David                      Charlie - Point is to view it ahead of time. It's a flight preparation course, although condensed. For those not having too much tiome left.

Jo                       Lisa-I did the MP4 downloads. They are great.

Lisa H.                    Jo - So you also took them with you on your flight, I assume?

Charlie                   Lisa H - I have the Control of Anxiety DVDs so I do practice the exercises. I bought Take Me Along as a supplement.

Charlie                   for in flight and at the airport

David                      Tracy - You can call Capt Tom 10am -7pm New York time if I'm correct. Perhaps Lisa could fill you in there.

Jo                       Yes. I did. I had Tom with me all the way. But you know what. I really didn't need him once I boarded. I met the captain. He was a so-so kind of guy. The funny thing is wife was flying with us. I spoke more to her than the captain. She was very helpful.

Lisa H.                     Tracy - David is correct. You can call him at 877-332-7359 if you want to set up a session or if you are in the program and have questions.

Charlie                    Jo, how long did you go w/o flying?

Tracy                         Just viewed Fast Track info... yes, between 10am and 7pm Thanks David and Lisa

Lisa H.                     Jo - You had that connection to a "normal" person with a "normal" job that is done almost every day, so his wife was a good person to speak to too.

Jo                       About a year. I use to fly very often but less and less because of aniexty.

Lisa H.                     Tracy - You're welcome.

Lisa H.                     Jo - You might find yourself more comfortable in many other areas in life where anxiety and "feeling out of control" plague you.

Charlie                    I hope that is true Lisa. I never was a big homework guy but I find myself fully investing my time and effort into this.

Jo                        Yes. You can't imagine how much this is helping me. I have alot of issues with a chronic illness. I use all the exercises on an every day basis for anxiety.

Lisa H.                      Charlie - Good. Doing the practice is important. There are no "magic pills." :)

Lisa H.                     Hello, rhonda.

rhonda                     Hello

David                       Charlie -- it is true. As said in the course: it's all in the preparation. I do not dare to count the hours I spent...

Jo                        I have to go now. It was nice chatting with you all.

rhonda                     How would I go about getting a membership?

Lisa H.                     Goodnight, Jo.

Charlie                    good to hear that David

Charlie                    bye Jo

Lisa H.                     rhonda - A membership to access info, or do you want to purchase one of the programs (DVD's, CD's, MP3/4's, etc.)?

rhonda                      I have downloaded the mp3 version of the control of anxiety and have been practicing the strengthening exercises. I am flying to Ireland on Monday and haven't flown in about 13 years. Lisa, a membership to access info.

Lisa H.                     rhonda - Please send me your e-mail address, and I can send you a link.

Lisa H.                     lisa@fearofflying.com

Charlie                   you are in good company, rhonda

Sharon                         Charlie i just went back and read your thread...good for you! You are going to be SO proud of yourself after your flight on the 21st!

Lisa H.                      Hi, Lou.

Lou                           Hello everyone

David                        Lisa - Practical question. How would one get to know when updates/upgrades are available to a certain SOAR course?

Sharon                          Hi Lou!

Charlie                    yeah, I'm doing it no matter what

Charlie                     thanks Sharon

rhonda                      Thanks. I am getting very nervous about flying.

Sharon                          Do it! I did that flight to Seattle last fall after more than 20 years AND backing out of a flight to Maui.

Lou                           I was wondering if anyone had experience with a red eye. I am really nervous about flying in the middle of the night.

David                        Charlie - Way to go!

Lisa H.                      David - Once you enroll with us, we have your e-mail address and send out offers and upgrade info in the newsletters.

Sharon                          I'm going to Maui in a month but first...Fast Track.

Lisa H.                      Lou - What bothers you most about flying at night?

rhonda                      Lou, I will be flying an overnight flight on this coming Monday & I am very nervous about it as well.

Charlie                     the newsletters kept this front and center for me, they are important

Lou                           I have panic attacks. No anxiety about the plane - just that I cannot get off and the flight will be 5 hours.

Sharon                         Lou - I totally understand that feeling.

rhonda                     That sounds just like me, Lou. I too have panic attacks and my flight will be 6.5 hrs.

Lisa H.                     Lou - That is really what fear of flying is about. Most fearful fliers are okay with the safety of the plane itself, but being in a place with uncomfortable feelings seems impossible.

Lou                         I am working myself so much that I feel sick and the flight is 3 weeks away

Charlie                   thanks David, I can't wait to come back here and tell of my success. I have a good feeling that I've chosen the righ path with SOAR.

Lisa H.                     Lou - You have many options.

Lou                          I have the program but I seem to not be able to let it kick in yet.

Lisa H.                     Lou - It kicks in fully when you are in the actual flight situation. Anticipation is imagination; reality is the flight.

Lisa H.                     Which program do you have?

David                      Charlie - You did chose the right path. I'm the living proof. Other (expensive)courses did not work!

Lisa H.                    David - What were the ineffective things you tried?

Lou                         I know it works since I flew to New Orleans this year after not flying for 7 years but it is odd now that I do not believe in myself again. I think it is the red eye that is bothering me.

Lou                         I have the 4 DVD program.

Sharon                         Lou I was feeling really confident about my upcoming flight to Maui until I watched a video today of take-offs. That sort of fired up the pesky feelings again.

Lisa H.                     Lou - It's very common to forget that YOU are the one that made the flight. This fear is always looking for excuses to keep you from possibly experiencing those feelings again.

David                      Lisa - Hypnosis, other "online" programs, 2 day seminar, books, therapy with a psychologist, acupuncture, medication... you name it!

Charlie                   I know for sure that pills and booze do not work. They magnify everything.

Lisa H.                     David - You are not the first person that had tried multiple "remedies". I'm glad you found SOAR!

Lou                         Do they offer movies on red eyes? I feel I will not be able to sleep and that everyone will be sleeping.

Lisa H.                    Charlie - Right. They are also dangerous to overuse and mix.

Lisa H.                    Lou - What would be different about a day flight? Is the dark a concern for you?

Lou                         Yes Lisa the dark bothers me and that we are leaving at 2:00 am. I like to look out the window as a distraction.

David                      Lisa - Tried: Hypnosis, acupuncture, 2 day seminar at a major airline, psychotherapy, acupuncture (living in China), medication, books, relaxation course,... You name it!

Lisa H.                    Hi, ally.

Charlie                  Lou, you can pick up a portabl DVD player for small change now. You should invest. You can watch your own private movie.

rhonda                   I know that one of the most important things is to meet the Pilot. If I see the Pilot before boarding the plane (like when he & the co-pilot walk thru the boarding area) is it okay to approach him then or just wait until I board the plane?

Lou                         good idea. I think I will get a dvd player so I do not have to worry.

Lisa H.                    rhonda - You can do either, but the best time is when you are boarding. You can see them in the cockpit doing their routine work and see how normal it is for them.

Lisa H.                    Hi, John.

Charlie                  make sure you charge the battery before you leave and to bring multiple movies in case one is a stinker

David                    Lisa - No need to state I was very skeptical towards SOAR. What made the difference: Capt. Tom's immediate response without "forcing" nor acting as "I know all".

Sharon                      David you did Fast Track?

Charlie                 got to go. the dogs are really hungry....they are staring to eat my leg..good night everyone and thanks for listening.

Sharon                      night Charlie

David                    Sharon - Yes! It's my favorite program (have more).

Lisa H.                  Nite, Charlie. Feed those puppies!

Kim                     Night, Charlie. Night, doggies.

Sharon                      David I'm sort of trying to decide between Fast Track and Mp3 downloads.

Lisa H.                  Sharon - The nice thing about Fast Track is that you can apply the cost toward the DVD or CD program later.

Sharon                     ah true...

David                   Sharon - My advice: chose Fast Track. Helps you visualize and makes practice easier. However, that's my personal opinion. Capt. tom or Lisa could give you professional advice.

Sharon                     yes that sounds good David. I'm ordering as we speak or write or chat or whatever... :)

Lisa H.                 David/Sharon - Whatever is right for you is the right thing. :) It's a matter of preference.

Tracy                     Thanks to all of you! I WILL do this somehow...I MUST see my son. Maybe that's enough. Goodnight everyone :)

Lisa H.                 Nite, Tracy.

Sharon                     night Tracy

David                   Nite, Tracy

Lisa H.                 Kim - Haven't heard from you tonight. Are you still there?

Kim                    Lisa, yeah, sorry! I was just about to tell Tracy not to let that trickster fear keep her from seeing her son but I got overwrought.

Kim                   The thing I hate most about the fear is the way it keeps families apart. That's just so sad.

Lisa H.                 Kim - No problem, really.

Lisa H.                 Yes -- this fear is so overwhelming.

Lou                     That is what is happening to me. I have a terrible fear flying to Mexico where my husbands family is.

Lisa H.                 Is anyone planning on the SOARFest here in NY?

Kim                    Lisa, I am, of course -- and Martha, who was on a while ago but signed off.

Kim                    Hi, Freddie.

Lisa H.                 Hi, Freddie.

Freddie                   Hi Kim. Hi Lisa.

Lisa H.                 How's the move going?

Lou                     Good night everyone

Sharon                    Done! Purchased Fast Track! I'm going to go check it out. Thanks for the advice everyone and I'll talk to you again soon!

Freddie                  Lisa, today was my last day at work. I'm feeling really sad about leaving people. Tomorrow we're leaving to be there for the closing on Friday. We'll be coming back here for the weekend and then moving on Monday.

Lisa H.                Nite, Lou.

Lisa H.                Thanks, Sharon. I see your order!

Sharon                     I feel so official! :)

Lisa H.                 Freddie - Wow! Lots going on. You must be so overwhelmed.

Lisa H.                 Sharon - You're on your way!

David                  Time to get back to work! Nite all (in fact morning here). CU next week.

Lisa H.                 Nite, David. Where are you located?

Kim                    Back to work? David works too hard.

Freddie                    Lisa, I am beyond overwhelmed at this point. The move alone is overwhelming, but I wasn't expecting to feel this sad about leaving my office. I knew I would feel sad, since it has been 18 years and I am very attached, but I feel worse than i thought I would.

David                    Lisa- Last one for tonight. Located in Shanghai, China. That's New York time + 12hours!

Lisa H.                  Freddie - Oh, I feel for you. You must be so attached after so long.

Kim                     Oooooh.

Lisa H.                  David - Okay. Goodnight finally! Thanks for chatting.

rhonda                  I got the emails Lisa, and thank you very much. It was nice being in here tonight. Have a nice night & thanks again.

Lisa H.                  Freddie - You are probably not sure about the SOARFest?

Freddie                     Lisa, thanks. I appreciate that you understand. I am very attached. I left still partially in denial that I won't be going back there tomorrow. And as I said, it was harder to say goodbye to some people than I was expecting.

Lisa H.                  rhonda - Let me know if you don't get a link to order the membership, and I will get that out to you.

Lisa H.                  Freddie - Change is so difficult; and leaving people and places behind is very sad -- even when the change is good change.

Freddie                     Lisa, I really want to go, but I'm just finding it hard to make any commitments or decisions about anything not having to do with the move right now. When do you need to know by?

Lisa H.                  Freddie - Probably about a week or a few days before the dinner. Right now, we still have room for both of you.

Lisa H.                  Don't feel pressured, though. I can understand the stress right now.

Freddie                     Lisa, that is so true about change. And I do believe that ultimately this will be a good change. It's just hard to feel that way right now.

Freddie                     Lisa, thanks. I'm glad to know there's still room for me. I'm glad you mentioned it. It's hard for me to keep track of everything right now.

Lisa H.                  Freddie - Well, good luck with the move. Be nice to yourself during the stress too.

rhonda                  Lisa I didn't see the link for the membership. Please email it when you have time. I'm off to bed. Thanks again.

Freddie                     Lisa, thanks. I'll try to remember to do that.

Lisa H.                  Well, I'm off to bed too. See you all next week.

Lisa H.                  Nite, Freddie.

Lisa H.                  Nite, Kim.

Kim                     Night, Lisa.

Lisa H.                   Nite, Andy.

Lisa H.                   Nite, Jessica.

Freddie                     Night Lisa. If I have an internet connection by next Wednesday night, I'll be here!

Kim                     I guess I will go too. Freddie, I need to catch up on email with you!

Lisa H.                  Freddie - Great! Take care of yourself! :)

Lisa H.                  Kim - See you later. :)

Kim                    Yikes! Freddie, when do you lose your internet?

Freddie                    Night Kim. Yes, we do need to catch up!

Lisa H.                  Kim - How are the "girls"?

Kim                     Lisa, doing fine, thanks. How are your kitties?

Lisa H.                  Kim - Fine. There's a rodeo going on upstairs as we speak. I have to round the dawgies up now. Nite.

Lisa H.                  Bye, Kim & Freddie.

Kim                     Ha. Good luck. Night, Lisa.

Freddie                     Kim, I shouldn't really lose it for long (but who ever knows). I'm supposed to have service as soon as we move in, but I don't know yet whether that will be on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I will be around here this weekend and will still have access to my email.

Kim                     Freddie, great! I'll email you soon, OK?

Freddie                     Kim, yes. That would be great. I'll be away tomorrow and Friday for the closing, but I'll be around on Saturday and Sunday.

Kim                     Great! Closings are fun! Bring a lot of checks.

Kim                      :-)

Kim                      That wuz a joke.

Freddie                      Kim, I'm not sure fun is the right word! But I know about the checks part. :)

Kim                     Change ... but you know you're doing the right thing.

Kim                     OK, I'll sign off now and we can gab over the weekend?

Freddie                     Kim, I hope so. I'm having doubts today because my last day at work was so difficult and emotional. But I think that ultimately this will be the right decision. Change is so hard.

Freddie                     I'll get going too. Let's definitely talk this weekend




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