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Reviews by SOAR Graduates

Helping me face my biggest fear

Client Review Summary:

  • 34 years since my last flight
  • Imagination would run wild on instant replay about falling/crashing.

Client Review Summary:

  • I used your stengthening exercise often
  • Didn't need to see the Captain
  • Thank you Capt Tom for helping me face my biggest fear

Client Review:
"Reading your emails and going through the entire SOAR CD program helped me to fly last year from Baltimore to San Francisco to see my first grandchild after she was born.  It had been 34 years since my last flight.  I never imagined I could do that.

Based on your recent emails, I believe my problems were caused by a personality defect in my mother that affected my childhood. I flew 4 times before I married and was a nervous wreck all four times. I was never able to fly once I got married in 1973; I had built up some incredible system that said I would fall from the sky and/or crash.  My imagination would run wild on instant replay about falling/crashing, and so I would never fly, just that simple. Never had a bad flight before marriage either.  So my husband and I would drive everywhere.

I knew I couldn't drive to CA, so I bought your program and it really helped enough for me to click the buy button the the computer for the United Airlines tickets. I then had two months to think about my flight and I used your strengthening technique  often.  I was able to take that almost 5 hour flight. Didn't even need to see the  Captain.  I did the strengthening exercise often on the plane.  I was not relaxed on the plane but I never yelled out or had a panic attack. Your emails I receive on a routine basis continue to help me, especially about the mother/childhood material.  I haven't gone on a plane again but I know I can and that's the difference.

When I arrived in CA, my son thanked me for facing my biggest fear for his sake. That meant so much.
Thank you, Capt. Tom for helping me face my biggest fear.

A SOAR Graduate

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