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Reviews by SOAR Graduates

It is the control issue; I have it not only on planes

Client Background Summary:

  • I love airplanes (from the outside). I love airshows.
  • I enjoy going places.
  • For me it is the control issue.

Client Review Summary:

  • ...I not only have mellowed out on planes but I don't sit in hands forward position when my husband drives.
  • Thanks Capt Tom!

Client Review:
"The oddest thing I can think of is the fact that I love airplanes (from the outside).  I love airshows and in every city I have ever visited, if there is an Air & Space museum, I have been there, so I have never understood why I have this fear to actually get in one.  I also enjoy going places – Hawaii, Europe – but I have been in a freeze factor for a while; but now one goal would be to go to the Olympics in Rio and my husband has always wanted to take me to Japan and Hong Kong.

These may have to wait until we have some extra money saved but I think with SOAR I’d be able to actually fly there.  I also used to travel internationally for business (Paris & Costa Rica mostly) so it will be nice to be able to consider having a job where I have to fly.  I also have a goal to go to an NBA game in every city so far I have hit Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Oakland, LA, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver – now it will be a lot easier to fly to the far away cities too, which I have put off since they are not driving distance.
I really think the issue is not the plane itself but some of the underlying factors that Capt Tom has mentioned.  For me it is the control issue.  I have it not only on planes but on buses, when other people drive (I have spent my life as the designated driver, not because I don’t like to drink but because I don’t like other people to drive) and in any situation where someone else has controlling (like projects at work).  I have come to realize this and I not only have mellowed out on planes but I don’t sit in hands forward position when my husband drives.
At some point I plan to listen to the entire course (so far I have only done the quick study one) I am looking forward to see what else I can find out.”
Thanks Capt. Tom!


A SOAR Graduate

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