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SOAR Fear of Flying Course

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Program: PACKAGE $480
+ Take Me Along FREE

SOAR Section 1-4Sections 1 to 4 of SOAR Fear of Flying Program & 30 min counseling
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Guaranteed: PACKAGE $595
+ Take Me Along FREE

SOAR Section 1-4Sections 1 to 4 of SOAR Fear of Flying Program & 2 counseling sessions (1 hour each)
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How Flying Works: $125

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SOAR Section 1-4SOAR Section 3SOAR Section 1-4Section 3 of the SOAR Fear of Flying Program
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Contains the third section of the SOAR Fear of Flying Program. Order the section(s) you need or choose the SOAR Program Package with all 4, take me along and counseling (with the option of a Guarantee).

Problems with fear of flying need to be answered emotionally and intellectually. Emotionally, you need to know that flying will not cause anxiety, panic, or claustrophobia. Intellectually, you need to know that flying is a wise thing to do. How Flying Works and At The Airport take care of the intellectual part of the problem.

When you see a plane in the air, it looks like nothing is holding it up. That causes anxiety and a fear of flying. You need to know - without the slightest doubt - what holds the plane stays up there, what keeps it from flipping over, and that you are safer on a plane than sleeping in your own bed at night.

No matter what goes wrong on a plane, there is a backup system to take care of the problem. There are even backups for the backup. That is why flying is so safe. We have been flying planes for over one-hundred years. When there has been an accident, its cause has been determined, and steps have been taken to make sure it will not happen again. As a result, for an accident to take place, it has to be something that didn't happen in one-hundred years. That's how safe you are when you fly.

How Flying Works...

  • Explains in detail so you understand flying and can help separate reality from your imagination.
  • Visits an aviation museum where Captain Tom uses the planes on display to show you how everything works.
  • Will answer every question we think you'll have about aviation, but if you think of something that isn't covered, call or email Captain Tom and get the answer.










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Guaranteed SOAR Program
This includes the entire fear of flying course and two hours of counseling with SOAR founder and licensed therapist Capt. Tom Bunn LCSW. After completing the videos and the counseling, if you are not satisfied with the improvement when you fly, you will receive a full refund.

SOAR Program
The SOAR Fear of Flying Program includes all vidoes and a thirty-minute session with Capt. Tom to make sure automatic control of your fear of flying/ anxiety and panic is being established.


Suffer from Anxiety or Panic?

Focusing on emotional safety
If you are confident that flying is safe but have difficulty with anxiety or panic - and do not want the guarantee - we recommend you choose:

  • Psychology of Flight Anxiety
  • The Control of Anxiety

Focusing on physical safety
If you gain confidence and reduced fear of flying primarily through under-standing how and why airline flying is safe, we recommend:

  • How Flying Works
  • At The Airport

SOAR Fear of Flying Program
The SOAR Fear of Flying Program includes all videos and a twenty-minute session with Capt. Tom to make sure automatic control of anxiety and panic is being established.


Take Me Along

Free with SOAR Program & Guaranteed SOAR Program

Take Me Along On Your iPod® When You Fly

I’ll explain everything you hear and feel – as you hear and feel it - so you will know everything is OK.

  • I’ll help you with anxiety before the flight
  • I’ll help you stay calm during check in
  • I’ll help you relax in the boarding lounge
  • I’ll show you what pilots do during takeoff
  • I’ll explain why turbulence is not a problem
  • I’ll show you how signals from the runway bring the plane to the perfect landing spot

Never fly alone again
Take Me Along and let me reassure you moment by moment throughout your flight. I will reassure you throughout the flight. Anxious fliers with a fear flying say they don't know how they got along without "Take Me Along".

Yours truly,
Captain Tom





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